субота, 27 травня 2017 р.

Money & Finance

Today I had an opportunity to play the game SPENT, where I tried to live on a shoestring and tighten my belt. I was really surprised how it's difficult to make ends meet when you have only $1000 per month. I was broke and didn't have a steady income. I had to save money at the expense of refusing to get a health insurance. Moreover, I bought in bulk just to economize. My money was tight despite the fact that I didn't splash it out on different things. I kept track of my outgoings and, as a result, I made it through the month with $365.
I understood that we need to be careful about our spending and thrifty because money doesn't grow on trees


понеділок, 8 травня 2017 р.


   Our company - “iDream” - helps arrange special events in people's lives. If you work well in a team and like to work closely with people, we offer you a rewarding job. We are looking for a manager and two decorators, who are available to start work on the next week. They must have an eye for details and be able to meet tight deadlines if it's necessary.

   We will take on work ambitious employees, who are good at using their own initiative and can aptly master new skills. They don't need to have experience in such kind of job (but it's encouraged😊). It's more important for applicants to be open to offers and be a people person if they want to have a career in this sphere. If you have all these qualities – you have what it takes. You can easily embark on a career in our company.

   First and foremost, you should put together your CV. You can fill in application forms on-line, than if you are shortlisted, you will need to attend an interview in our company. If you meet our requirements, we will inform you about pay, wages, performance related bonus scheme and of course, about salary.

   All our employees say that it's really a demanding job and they need to work flexitime. Also, it will be difficult for you to work in “iDream” if you think that you are miles better than others or always try to pick holes in something. But it's a promising career for easy-going and hard-working people.

   So, we are waiting for you!

   Send your applications and we will call you :)

субота, 22 квітня 2017 р.


    In the first video Sugata Mitra takes the view that schools as we know them now, they're obsolete. The education system is wonderfully constructed, but we don't need it anymore. It's a foregone conclusion that it's outdated. I honestly think if it could be that we don't need to go to school at all. If we don't know something we will be able to find it out in two minutes. He put his thinking cap on these questions and decided to make SOLE (self-organized learning environment). It's his firm conviction that encouragement seems to be a key, but punishment and examinations are seen as threats. His wish is to design the future of learning, which will help children all over the world to get an education and learn as much as possible.

     Ken Robinson has a bit the same opinion as Sugata Mitra, because he says that the whole point of education is to get people to learn. But the trouble is, that all going in the wrong direction. That's why a lot of studentsdrop out of school and the reason is that they don't have a thirst for knowledge, they are not encouraged. Many of them think that it's too boring to attend a school. He wants we to grasp the importance of learning. Ken Robinson compare it with the Death Valley, which isn't dead, but dormant. There's room for improvement, but we should bear in mind that only with right conditions and the organic system it's possible to improve with practice the future of learning.

     It's a widespread belief that children don't have enough motivation to study. They don't see the importance to catch up with their lessons and cover a lot of ground, because of the lack of creativity in our today's schools. Every child has a natural talent, so we need to give them a chance to demonstrate their abilities. Moreover, there are a lot of unnecessary tedious tasks which make children feel tired and boring. As a result – truancy. Also, it seems to me that a good education should consist of teaching and learning, not only testing, so I suggest that it will be better to have a continuous assessment. And of course, the aim of education is using our knowledge in practice. So it goes without saying that having more practice is the best way for learning.

субота, 1 квітня 2017 р.

Our feelings and emotions

   Are you a person, who easily reveal your emotions to other people? Do you wear your heart on your sleeve? Or maybe you bottle up all your emotions? As for me, I'm a shy and vulnerable person and, frankly speaking, that's why I sometimes suppress my feelings. But I try to change these features of my character and be more friendly and open-hearted :)
   It's obvious, that being with my close friends I feel more comfortable and delighted, so I can pour my feelings out and derive pleasure from this. I suggest that if we don't speak about our feelings and don't show them, we may feel down the dumps and it can increase our stress levels. We should appreciate the possibility to communicate with our friend and to disclose our thoughts to them.

   Here are some pictures, which show me and my friends and our emotions. Enjoy and also try to be more sociable and chummy :))

It was a fantastic day. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits. Especially, Lilly. She felt on top of the world :)

As you can see, my friends seemed to be on cloud nine these days. They looked, and felt, on top form. 

We jump for joy at this picture)) We are thrilled to bits and have a burst of energy. Everyone is grinning and feels cheerful.

I was grateful, meeting with my friends made that day. We had a lot of fun, tried to forget our exams and be cool, calm and collected.

I'm sick and tired of my boyfriend at this picture, as you see. I tried to keep a cool head, but I was at the end of my tether. Of course, he was all shaking in his shoes and scared stiff, but I feel ecstatic :)

There are really very few musicians, who really can touch my soul. And John Legend is one of them. It's sheer bliss for me to listen to his songs. Each of them lives up to my expectations and have a deep meaning. Listening to them, I seem to be keeping my chin up and never give up. “Love me now” - is a song, which urges everyone to love and think about our life and relationship with others. Everything is perfect: music, lyrics and especially his voice. It makes me smile and get goose bumps.

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